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This is a meaningless misdemeanor that I went into due to extreme boredom...

Don't expect any story in it.. erm but it might fetch some quirky smiles thats all..

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Update :

Okay I hope you guys remember the story "Deception" that I started somewhere in Dec 2007.. yeah I know long time back.. it had a prologue and the first part... and well i didnt update it...

However a brand new chapter has been added.. click here------------->:

Now If you don't remember not to worry you can read the whole thing...

Go to the 'unfinished stories' tab in the right hand top corner of this blog and then there is an table of contents in the left side bar

Disclaimer: The story is yet not complete...

If you want completed stories heres the list.. Click on the story you fancy...

Hello Readers

A bet-the last laugh

A love letter

An excerpt of love

Last excerpts of a dairy of lady out of love....

One more love story or????????

Ice Princess

Language of love

Shadows have not gone yet

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