meena iyer

We had this issue with one of the organization which provides coaching.. for around a month. My sister had registered a month before online. However, she didnt receive any correspondence from them to that effect. for days together we kept calling them, they kept asking us to call either after some days/hours or to a different person. or the most irritating thing! they put us on hold the moment they heard our voice...

Doing that for a month.. finally I decided to take things in my hands... From a different mobile I called them and said that I am calling from Bangalore Police department and that I am investigating financial fraud.. and guess what ??

We talked to the concerned official within 2 min and not only that.. the issue is on the way to resolution...

No prizes for this :)

These assholes.. bozoes who dont want to work have made me tell a lie.. which I generally dont tell.. and yet fooling them makes me feel amazing!

yep telling lie did sound amazing!

Ah well.. alls well that ends well :)

But it was fun!

So next time if anyone says.. would you lie??

My answer is MOST Definitely!
4 Responses
  1. Reflections Says:

    Wow, really.....serves them right. Must have made u feel really good;-P

  2. Ishaan Says:

    re chori tu ghani inspecter bani fir rahi hai!! :P

  3. ->V<- Says:

    Hello... this is Inspector Ghooslele from CBI. We are investigating a complaint by an online coaching institute :P :D

  4. Ravi D Says:

    Good, I will try not to trust you :-s