meena iyer

A speck of sand once sat... by the road side

mesmerized by the view of emotions of different hue...

By the road side it stayed...

There is yet time to move it thought
Let me absorb the scene ,
Let me collect all that I ought

Few years went by.. it still thought i have yet some time
Others beseeched it to follow
not to live a life so hollow

Don't act like a mime

I wouldn't listen
There were tears to see that glistened
On many a cheek
Look at their eyes when they speak

Soon enough it was no fun..
I missed everyone..
It was time to move

alas it was too late.. coz i no longer a speck
I had become a stone..
So alone... So alone

Forever to observe..
never ever to respond..

For i didnt when i should
now I cant even if i want!
2 Responses
  1. Peter Sampson Says:

    Hey Meena,

    So, does this count as 127?!? Or, do we have to wait until the next poem on Rhyming Words?


  2. this is not a poem.. so i guess you got to wait :O