meena iyer

They are really very devious! They never come through when i really want them to.. and when I would love to keep quiet and listen well then they just have to pour through.. even when I know that I am boring the other person!


I wish i had that adorable quality of being able to talk non stop and never bore anyone.. I think I did have it... I wonder where I lost it or how!

I happen to wait for some feelings to come through you know.. somehow they just won't come!

Two hours of talking shit! and it might not repeat again.. fun isnt it?

:| :|

Okay i am going on to being super depressed

So long!
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3 Responses
  1. --xh-- Says:

    hm... so here is another one who lost the gift. nice 2 know that I have company. Now i dunno why, but i think i cannot talk and make people not bore.
    feelings - they can be quiet deceptive. as deceptive as a mirage or like escher's reality.
    but don't be depressed. it will make the things worse.

  2. Thank you anoop! Its nice to know I am not alone too..

    I guess we just dont have anything to say isnt it?


    That was a momentary depression am fine now :)

  3. Vinay Says:

    are you sure of this?? super depressed...
    i must have missed it... a pic speaks a thousand words and i havent seen one pic in which u arent givin a 100 watt smile...!! which is grr8...!