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No i dont mean to write a poem.. my feelings seem to have dried up... I mean to dream tonight.. beautiful full moon is making me mad... ermm hauntingly mad.. but i dont feel lonely.. nopes doesnt mean i dont want anyone to be with me on such a magical night.... but i dont feel lonely :) :)


Its always been my dream.. to walk in the moonlight on empty roads.. mostly beach :D :D
with my soul mate.. and whisper lil nothings.. kiss under the moonlight.. dance...

Find some empty space and yes make love... slowly tantalizingly...

On night like these , I can actually feel each sensation that would race inside me.. when i am with "him"...

All i got to do is find some "him" to fit in there *sighs*

I have actually partially lived through this dream ofcourse..

It wasnt beach. but yes empty roads... it was mid night but not full moon :)

We did kiss under the open sky.. we cudnt keep away.. it was beautiful... but how much ever i try.. i cant forget the fight we had right before that.. : :

So well i am still waiting for this dream to come true perfectly.. same to same if not better...

I know what i want on this night...

Walking on the beach... hand in hand.. shy to be together n alone.. n feel daring to have taken this step :) :) :)

a picnic dinner with candlelight.. loads of anticipation.. mixed smokey signals.. accidental touches which would make you pull ur hand away.. n yet long to touch again.. shy smiles... dreamy talks...
inane n completely innocuous..

A nice wine.. not very heady.. but enough to make you tipsy...

Then you take a walk.. the moonlight shining on you.. making you seem beautiful.. a goddess.. for a fraction of time... lost in timelessness... to him ofcourse.. * not everyone wud think of me that*

You are laughing at something he says... before you know.. he is holding you in his arms... you catch your breath.. you can hear his heart thudding.... slowly you raise your eyes n meet his.. you see desire.. you see love... and you know the same reflects in your eyes.. and yes you feel fear.. and that delightful anticipation.. that is creating riots of sensations.. all through your body..

The time has seemingly stopped for you.. there is no one there but you n him.. n the waves... witness to your love..

Singing encouragement in your ears.. winds.. whispering... countless other love stories that they saw... But you dont hear it... you are busy hearing his heart beats.. all you can feel is his hot breath on your neck... You know he is gonna kiss you.. you want it too.. you offer your lips for a kiss.. n he kisses your eyes.. which are closed... waiting to feel each n every touch... each n every reaction.. and you feel oh so delicious pain/pleasure of frustration.. you open your eyes...

he smiles.. and whispers I love you in your ears.... Slowly he kisses your jawline.. taking a long route.. making you moan.. in his own sweet time he kisses your lips... by that time you are biddable and yes.. completely his .....

The kiss seem to go for eternity.. you feel like he is drowning into you and you in him.. until there is nothing but "us"...

There is this sense of completeness.. as if you have solved the puzzle called life...

after the kiss you both are shy.. You seperate and walk in distance... but you cant keep away.. can you?? Slowly without your knowledge *yeah right* your hands touch... you hold hands.. feverishly.. as if .. if you let go you may never come near again...

Then you go to embrace the waves... let it play with your feet.. while you listen to the love song of the sea.. murmuring.. soft n lilting... somehow u start to dance... in the moonlight... on the beach... the music ofcourse is in your heart...

You are surprised to feel how nicely you fit.. together! thighs moving wid thighs in a beautiful symphony.. suddenly the dark clouds come.. god knows from where!

Its all dark.. and you hug him.. * we know you are not scared but u like to feel his strong arms around you*

So he hugs you tightly.. never to let go... the moon is back.. you tell wid leaden voice.. am fine.. let me go...

Ever a gentle man.. he does... and then with some impish idea you start throwing water on him.. n he does the same on you.. soon you are playing like kids...

And yes you fall down.. and roll over... soon he is over you.. then you make love.. deliciously.. slowly... as the waves play with you.. drenching you both.. as the moonlight ignites your passion...

You are busy creating your own world.. world of feelings emotions n yes pleasure.. ripples n ripples of pleasure...insane pleasure... and then you are spent.. n guess what ? Your clothes are taken by the waves as the sovenier *LMAO!! I do have a fertile imagination :P :P *

So you race to the car where you both have a spare.. on reaching there ofcourse you make love again.. giggling all the while.. more aware.. more sure.. of yourself n each other.. soon you are spent.. you put on clothes.. spread a blanket.. and lie down togather to sleep :) :)

He puts his hand on you.. holding you possesively while he sleeps.. while you dream.. about future.. about marraige.. and how it would feel to be able to sleep with him.. n wake up with him.. day in day out..

You make fantasies about real life small incidences like.. you going to office.. your birthday.... anniversaries.. surprises that he will give.. you turn and kiss him.. on his forehead.. on his lips.. softly.. not wanting to wake him.. then you place you hand on his chest and go to sleep :)

You wake up early to his voice softly whispering I love you.. birds singing their wake up alarm.. and yes his roving hand.. and rising passion... soon you are lost in sensations of touch and find out that it is more ebautiful without romantic addons like full moon... and then its time for mornign walk...

This time you walk very closely.. kissing seperating n kissing again.. no shyness.. only love.. no fear.. only trust.. The best part is the way he hugs u.. while the wind blows... his chin o your shoulder.. while you both are looking towards the horizion.. watching the first ship to sail.. first birds to fly.. in tandem... and he whispers.. will you marry me??

You ofcourse say yes!! [:d]

and they live happily ever after LOL!!!

P.S: I know its very mills n boonsy and very filmy.. but its my dream.. heck.. if u dont fantasize in dreams where else will you ???
I know i am eternally romantic... n horny like hell right now.. its one of those days... ...

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5 Responses
  1. Neeru Says:

    heck, this piece is EVERY gal's dream!


  2. nic Says:

    Where's Jane Austin when you need her? :-)

    I must tell you, I missread the first line of the dream at first, and it set off a little burst of poetry in my head. Here is what came out:

    Walk in the moonlight
    across empty roofs
    Relish the moonlight's embrace
    sing the song of the sun to his face
    fall down the drainpipe to the road
    trip on the gutter
    do as you're told

    Dance in the midnight,
    waltz in the dark
    while others lay sleeping,
    serenade in the park
    have a mad affair,
    a tawdry rendezvous
    long after twilight,
    a real lark


  3. Peter Sampson Says:

    mills n boonsy ??

  4. RiverSoul Says:

    I am . . . Er . . .never mind.
    The thing is, you really have made mills and boon proud
    And i think i have to visit again.
    Wow. Woohoo

  5. This is somewhat awesomely insane... But real good one!!