meena iyer

Few years ago, I wanted badly to do some volunteering.. one of my many hang ups... and I didnt know whom to approach.. and well joined one of the many online communities asking for help. In one of those communities someone suggested that I find like minded people in my city and then work something out.. I was enthused enough to track down people from my city [ members from the same community] and then contact them.. Only one of them responded...

We planned to meet up and visit some NGO asking if they need volunteers. For some reason it never worked out.. it got postponed many-a-times and then was long forgotten.. so was that "guy".
Six month down the line, I got a call from him asking if I am still interested in volunteering. I was and I joined them. We volunteered to visit a slum. We played games with them.. taught them songs, crafts etc etc. It was amazingly fulfilling. So was the friendship that soon bloomed between us.

Few long conversations on telelphone.. few over the coffee and joint volunteering.. All was fun... umm until his college work caught up with him and he had to drop his activities.. I continued for few more months.. I had made more friends by then.. and the best of all.. was with the co-ordinator for I-Volunteer.. one of the best person I have met and also.. A wonderful organization..

Two weeks ago.. after 7 months.. nearly.. We chatted on phone.. and by the time the call ended.. the distance melted like butter.. it was amazing to catch up upon the person who helped me help people.. and also someone who was a best friend.. when I had no friends.. The conversations we had.. the jokes we cracked.. was just too beautiful!
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  1. Cess Says:

    good u met some great people while doing a great thing :)

  2. Agnes Says:

    I know what you mean. It's a beautiful thing. I too have volunteered a lot through the years, both locally and overseas. I believe that people should do a little extra to help others. I am so happy to know that you are.
    PS: Rightly or wrongly, I have also observed that the most whiny people are those who are too self absorbed. People who go out of their way to help others usually have a much better grip on their own lives.... just a thought.

  3. friendships seems to be ur life and blood :)
    and its gr8 u took time out for helping out the disadvantaged sections. I respect you all the more for it.

  4. Kris Says:

    i met my best friends online. i also dated (in real life :D) two girls i met online.

    i think the best part of the internet is that you can find out who you really like before you decide to meet them. you can't do that when you make friends at the bus stop or the mall or wherever :)

  5. --xh-- Says:

    time always melts whn good friends catch up... alway it feels like we have never stopped being in touch and often it is like just starting from whr it is stopped last time...

    glad to know this :)

  6. Asphodel Says:

    I always thought it was so corny. The people I met online were my friends who lived inside my computer , kept there for when I was bored. Until I met one guy. And he became my best friend. And we're seeing each other now. And... wait.... it still sounds corny when I tell it, darn I was right!

  7. @ cess.. yep i am lucky to have :)

    @agnes.. I guess thats coz.. we r so involved in someone else.. we forget our teeny weeny self.. which reminds me.. I should probably take it on again!

    @karthik.. whose isnt ? besides.. it just was a phase.. though am a bit ashamed to say it.. its the truth!

    @kris.. how true! and yet.. we do get a distorted vision.. of the ppl online.. so it cud b a huge let down.. dont u think ?

    @anoop.. it sure does.. i guess thats the best way to find how deep a friendship is .. isnt it ?

    @Asphodel not really.. it is also true :) Am so glad it worked out for you!

  8. Reflections Says:

    I've always wanted to but never got the chance...maybe I should look to help, not wait for somebody to ask for help:-P