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Yesterday, while chatting with a friend, I asked him, if he knows what speed of darkness is.. and he came with a very interesting theory...

Friend: It is omnipotent. It doesn't need to travel..
Me: You mean its stationary so it rots..
Friend: Its not stationary.. it has no where to go.. its comfortably numb

What do you think ? What is the speed of darkness?? Do give some interesting insights.. am like totally looking for inspiration.. and finding none *beh! *

Btw.. my 250th post of catawampus me! yay!!

Umm for people who wanna know what catawampus really means... well it means "diagonal"..

There is a small story as in how this blog started and all..

Somewhere in January 2007.. I started a blog called as "Blabber's galore" It was supposed to have all my blabberings... I dont remember what I had as a link for that.. but soon enough I changed it to "" It no longer exists... Somewhere in march I had decided that I need a second blog.. why I needed that.. totally escapes my mind.. I mean the reason does.. So.. I wanted a blog that had a unique name.. but had same meaning as meander.. I dont remember how I stumbled upon the word catawampus.. but since then.. this blog has had that name.. It was once the "The weird me".. but well Catawampus me suits it.. So there it is :-)

Oh yeah leave me wishes too :P * am i too demanding or what!* Btw I love this pic.. totally!!

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7 Responses
  1. Rambler Says:

    speed of darkness must be more than that of light, otherwise darkness would have never existed..
    If seen in a different angle, the darkness is so fast, it can be easily made to wiff past us, all we need to do is just show the way, and not try to block it

  2. --xh-- Says:

    yay!!! congratz...

    and speed of darkness is same as speed of light... :)

  3. that was quick guys! thnx

    @rambler then how come light emerges.. but darkness prevails ?

    @ anoop

    same thing.. how come darkness prevails then ?

  4. Reflections Says:

    CONGRATS!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!
    Here's to many, many more of them(clinking my wine glass gently against urs):-D

  5. Vinay Says: congrats...!!
    not rite now anyways...250 is like too less for u dear...!! maybe in a year, when u reach ur 1000th post, i'll treat u...!! :)

    speed of darkness?? thats an interesting one...
    well, it seems that speed of darkness is less than speed of me anyways, bcoz it takes one very loooonnng college day for night to come, but just one little sleepless night for daylight to come!! :) lolz...

  6. First lemme congratulate you on achieving 250...may u make it 25000 one day (at the rate you are going I think it will take you a few years at most - certainly bfr you become a granny :D) ... now I will read the post

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Speed of darknes!! wow ur super vela these days!!