meena iyer
Ah I was reading "Cess's" blog today and got interested in well one of the tests there.. about Blog addiction. I know I am addicted. I don't need test for that.. but well to know the percentage is always fun...

So I took the test! The results are here....


And well while I was doing the test.. I was anticipating posting about it.. My heart was like.. there.. now you got something to blog about! And then.. the last question asked me if I will blog.. my answer was.. Surething!!! :D :D

Guys! Do take the test and leave the scores in the comment...
9 Responses
  1. Kris Says:

    i got 80% too!!! wonder if it's rigged or we're just the same :P

  2. Rambler Says:

    Turns out I am 67% addicted, I had done the same around an year back and it was 74% at that time..looks like I am losing it :D

  3. Agnes Says:

    I got 27%..... and I thought I was addicted?

  4. @kris *same pinch* :P

    @rambler.. may b u cheated the other time :D :D

    @agnes.. whoa thats the lowest I heard .. but your blog says otherwise :D

    @nancy... you definitely cheated! you are one of the blog addicted people for sure!

  5. 57%
    meenie...u r corrupting me too :(
    blogoholics anonymous required

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