meena iyer
Ah! Anoop and Pratibha have started a new blog together for making orts.. A new application on orkut.. I was tempted enough to try :D :D I am not like big on painting or sketching.. I mostly doodle leaves.. they are easiest to make.. and since I had biology.. am used to drawing them :)

I chose to draw this emo drawing.. simply coz its easy to draw :P :P

So here it is :D :D

visit Ortist

If you like it.. may be you myt wanna visit their blog ==> Ort Artist!
4 Responses
  1. Pretty Me!! Says:

    u know wat ?? this is my fav emo :)

  2. Reflections Says:

    u knw wht.......I doodle leaves & flowers too & bilogy was not my subject.
    It is usually during telephone calls at work tht I draw them. if u take a look at my workbook, u can make out approx. how many boring telephone calls i get in a day:-D