meena iyer
Umm I was surprised today by Rahul mahajan in big boss.. he said this sweet thing about marriage

He said,
" Marriage is through which two people witness each other's life intimately, good or bad.. , so that.. nobody's life goes unnoticed"
Beautiful isnt it ?

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  1. Reflections Says:

    Rahul Mahajan?? Is he tht Pramod Mahajan's son???
    I've hrd these same lines somewhere....I bet he borrowed them from the same place;-P

  2. he myt have.. but he said it and it was beautiful thought!

  3. hmm..good point, makes sense

  4. curlyconman Says:

    Big Boss sucks BIG time.

    And his own marriage is on the rocks due to his philanderous behaviour.

    Must you get impressed by such Rahul Mahajan aphorisms? :P

  5. Karthik it sure does :)

    mani meow yes *hugs*

    Ah raagman! dont be so cynical.. besides he surely would have stolen it.. its the thought that impressed me not the man :)

  6. Voice Says:

    mujhe kuchh khas nahi laga