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Have you ever felt the need to runaway ? From everything from everyone? Who hasn't felt atleast once in life.. ever ?

Recently, I was chatting with a friend when I told that person about my own foray in running away from home.. he kinda asked me to blog about it.. I even had a field day telling my colleagues about it.. Incidentally I got the tag of " The Runaway Child" ..

Ah and one of my colleague says, this was the stupidest thing he had ever heard anyone doing.. I am sure you get some idea by now abt this post.... Umm when I saw the prompt as "Revisitation" , I decided to blog about it. So the story goes as follows...

My parents, though loved us a lot, were extremely protective of us. The extent of it can be fathomed from the fact that I never ever visited any of my childhood friends home with parents permission.. umm i am natural rule breaker ;)

It was the first summer we didn't go visiting relatives. We were so relieved! Instead of getting to know our cousins ( in the mothers side) and the forgetting them as soon as we reached home.. or getting absolutely bored out of mind * read father's side* we had a chance to be home and actually enjoy with our friends. It was the wherein friendships were forged and continued rigght through the year. Our parents could never understand how important it was.. and how left out we felt when we came back after our breaks. Coz we were never there when interesting things happened. In short, we were deliriously happy.

And yet, soon enough things turned worse. For to start with, we didn't go coz mom n dad were going through a bad patch. They think children don't understand. But they do! They are more sensitive.. more tuned into their parents mood than parents are to childrens' mood. Simply coz parents are more distracted. So day in and day out we were witnessing fights. To top that, dad doesnt like us to watch a lot of TV .. we didnt have cable anyways and he was pretty strict about playing too.. He wanted us to learn grammar *Eww I know* Which child would want to study in the holidays? All I ever wanted to do was to play Hopscotch! I was pretty good at it.

Besides ofcourse, we were lost totally for friends. So we hung together. Blanche, sister and me. We used to sit on the top of the water tank and while the evening away dreaming... of running away.. of love and umm the usual dreams you know :) I think I was 9-10 that time. The emotions went into overtime when dad refused to let us go to the picnic on the beach. Everyone was going sans me n sis! And that too coz mom didnt have holiday and dad wont let us go without her. We begged and begged. There were other moms so many of them.. to no avail. So thats when we crystallized the idea of umm running away...

We decided to save money and we did too :) slowly meticulously.. forgoing chocolates et al.. We had planned to leav after one month when we had some sizable sum... Ofcourse that didnt happen. One fine day.. due to some reason.. I dont remember which... fine evening infact.. we left home.. Blanche, sis and me with 40 rupees in hand... We planned to go to the beach.. near our home.. we decided we will sleep on the beach if required...

Umm the rickshaw wala swindled us. Took 30 bucks for 15 bucks.. and we foolishly gave.. .. ah how can I explain how it felt.. that absolute freedom when me Blanche and sister held hands and sang.. ' Humne ghar choda hai.. rasamon ko toda hai.......' We planned to survive by taking tution.. and all and yet we didn't take anything.. no books no clothes.. only 40 bucks and few of our pics together.. mom sis me and dads...

So the evening went in playing on the beach.. when it was night.. no one stayed ofcourse and it was sooo dark.. those days that beach was not so popular.. its not tht popular even now.. thats why its still pristine.. may it remain the same * crossed fingers*.. It was dark and we were scared.. dint know what to do.. so we walked down to the village.. few children were playing in the wada.. we played with them until it the last of them were leaving.. One of the kids' mom took notice of us.. took us to their home.. gave us food.. we finally spilled beans.. we were like so scared.. its easy to imagine.. but when it comes to doing it.. we all get cold feet.. we missed momma.. thats just it.. But we cant tell the whole truth.. so we made up this crazy story that we took mothers permission.. but we kinda are out for the first time.. ofcourse she didnt believe.. umm then we showed her our parents photos.. which we carried with us.. and she recognized my mom! Apparently.. she caught the same train as my mom and they occasionally smiled.. We got like super scared.. sis started putting tantrums that we wanna go home.. she was sweet enuf to ask us to wait till her husband would come home.. an that was the longest few hours we spent..

That uncle was so understanding.. he didnt even have food or anything.. he took us in the bus.. we didnt have the money to return incidentally.. he paid ....
And then when we reached near our house.. we asked the uncle to go home.. thanked him real well but didnt show him our house.. lil devils we were..

When we reached home.. we told them cock and bull story of someone coercing us away and how one sweet uncle helped us..

Oh yeah.. mom saw right through it :( too unbelievable i guess? Anyways.. she never told dad about it.. for our freedom that was paltry to start with would be curtailed.. but she wouldn't talk to us for one whole week :)

I know extremely stupid and naive.. and totally lucky :D :D

So got any stupid stories to share?? do leave a comment :)

Oh btw.... got a pick of that beach from a friends orkut album :) Hail orkut for such friends :D school friends i mean, who are now in contact!

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  1. --xh-- Says:

    ROTFL.. that was so cute a story :) hm.. never tried running away whn i was a kid.

  2. ah u missed the fun of it :D :D

  3. Vinay Says:

    yeah dear...that was ROFL material...
    moms can be so knowledgeable abt us too..!! :)

    i never had to run away from home...with my sister i always have had a close companion.

  4. Reflections Says:

    GOSHHHHH........u sure were lucky. But one hell of an adventure huh:-P.

  5. @vinay I agree :( they have like some 10th sense surely!

    @nancy he he eh totally :D Live dangerously :D

  6. Reflections Says:

    wow...u r actually reply back on the spot. at a loose end are u:-D????

  7. he he he.. uymm procrastinating :( chores beckons :D