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When I saw the prompt at Sunday scribbler.. esp after I read few of the other people's blog.. who took this prompt up, I wanted so bad to do the same and actually write about my style.. or umm my quirks.. I have a typical way of saying hi.. or bye.. in a sing song manner.. haaeeeii.. or babaaay... umm with hand actions too :D :D or umm usage of words like " ahan! beh! bah!
ahem".. whatever!.. but more than that.. I wanted to talk about how I was in college times.. How people imitated me and laughed like crazy! The way i told all the "happenings" in my life with all the expressions in tandem.. animated eyes.. hands .. etc etc.. very childish i know.. and very endearing I hope :)

Umm.. I never knew closet cleaning could be fun.. over the period of months.. you never know how you collect junk.. Umm i love collecting wrappers of the gifts that were given to me.. I preserve them intact if possible :) Or my pebble collection.. i had loads of them.. and yet I gave it up without any rancor to a junior.. coz i knew she loved it as much as I did.. more so many coz I knew its time to grow up ? I dunno for sure! But well.. its done.. So is my small purses collection1 I so wish I had them now to take pictures and post it here..

I had this huge whim to collect those small "jholas" or "potlis" ...
Like these out here.. but more of them.. and each unique in itself.. It was a rage then and I would search for them all the time and all over the places.... to get the most unique piece I could get.. in all kinds.. not just this kind..

Sigh.. I threw them out too.. too much of junk.. but in college.. junk was my middle name :D :D

Umm lemme show you one pic taken on my hostel's terrace.. Do notice almost a guys' like wrist band in my hand.. I don't think i have worn all my 4 finger rings.. I had a very unfeminine kind of fetish in accessories.. so much so that few of my male friends exchanged rings and bracelets with me :) * Amol I miss your bracelet* and not to forget.. that over bright smile.. I still have it :)

Or my hair.. which is nothing better than tumble of hair twisted and secured by a clasp of what one calls "crocodile clips". and a very loose tee with a comfort fit jeans or slacks.. or may be a stretchable trouser and voila you got my wardrobe in front of you :)

Umm while am at it.. here's the pic of my college group monkeying around :D :D

The guy with maroon tee and a cap is sallu aka Vikas Salaria... next to him in blue is Kalpesh aka kalps aka buddah! .. behind him is Chandu aka chaitu aka Chaitanya... In the rust colored tee is Bhajji aka Vikash Anand :) :).. The trio of girls consist of smital in white top and Shraddha in pink Salwar.. my bestest friends in this whole world! and then there is me in Blue tee :D :D

And here is me now.. umm pic was taken by Anoop :)

Lot of difference ? my friends seem to think so! One of my friend said.. I have finally matured some :)
I guess she didn't see this pic!

P.S: forgive me for small and a lil blurred images :( I had to take picture of a photograph.. coz well the scanned images for formatted by mistake :( :(

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  1. --xh-- Says:

    U matured? :-OOO who said so? ;-)

    nice old snaps... :)

  2. he he he a friend did.. :D :D

    prita :P :P

  3. Hi
    I think this is so sad,but i hope happy time surely will come,there is another post which has more ..