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He is the least talked about person in my life and yet someone who can make me go all smiles just with a glance and yes all tears too ...

My dad... he is just too cute!

I mean figure this.. everyday when I go home.. thats when he has his dinner.. that is at 11 pm..
He wants to have food with me...
Yesterday.. he said he didnt want food coz he felt there is not enough left for me.. and he didnt want me to cook again.. I mean thats stupid ofcourse.. it hardly takes 20 min to cook rice!

But the gesture is soooo sweet! I mean he still cares for us.. keeps a look out for us.. I couldnt help but smile :)

I still remember my first day in hostel.. that day evening infact.. there were tears in his eyes.. leaving his darling daughters in hands of strangers.. in a place where he is not even let in.. I couldnt understand it then.. but today in retrospect.. i feel how heavy his heart may be...

I wouldnt say that we' ve got the the best possible childhood.. but I can say for sure that we were loved very much.. thats a legacy that our parents gave us...

We werent spoiled.. have had a lot slaps n lashes too.. we were just too high spirited for our won good.. but well we do have the right foundation :D :D

And thats coz of my dad..

If i look right back to childhood.. to find forgotten memories... I can remember countless outing to restaurants on the sly...

Eating lot of fruits.. even as a kid.. between outselves.. we all could eat 1 dozen of bananas... really..

Though we are fat and all.. we have never ever fallen really sick...

Dad would always help mom to make sweets.. in diwali.. it always was a big family event.. we all would make sweets snacks everything .. Dad never shirked it as a girly work or anything...

When mom would be late.. he would cook too wash clothes for her.. till today he washes his clothes himself.. albeit in washing machine obviously...

When my mom died... he did all the cooking everything...

I know this is coming out like pieces just heaped togather.. but thats how I am feeling.. trying to find those incidences... Should I talk about the late night carrom games?

Or should I talk about the never ending stories... he really had the flair.. I wont bore you with the stories of learning grammar when we were just 9... we didnt appreciate it.. but later on in school I found that I was way ahead of them.. when rest of them couldnt really read properly.. I could not only read but understand what was in the book...

I think my idea of feminism.. my flair for language and numbers * which is truly jaded right now* is from him..

I know nowadays I am really slack about grammar and all.. but believe me.. I can really write without errors too..


Should I talk about the time when in summer foolishness we decided to work.. and took some menial job like aligning 100 sets of those "tickly" packets for which we would get 25 rupees.. but erm end up losing them and had to pay 50 rupees...

Dad didnt say a word for that.. he somehow understood our need to be independent.. but ofcourse we ourselves didnt.. Ofcourse there r more such stories..

Like when we bunked school and got caught.. or when we stole money from house..

Oh yeah did it all.. and they stood by us all the time.. let us find our own way..and today.. I know he is proud of what we are...

There was once.. I got just 35/100 in maths.. just managed to pass.. the reason was.... well coz my pen didnt work properly.. and i was so shy that I wont ask anyone.. so i didnt write.. to top it all.. i tried to cheat the teacher.. I did get caught coz.. the teacher knew i am good.. and my marks surprised her..

My dad had come to meet the principal.. ofcourse... he was just there.. talked to them.. and then when we came back.. he just said... This shouldnt happen again.. and lol even today.. I cant stand cheating anyone...

My dad is an idealist.. and I in manyy respect am like him...

Am proud to be that really!


Am not sure if this makes sense... but my dad always been a role model for me.. for all the good as well as bad things...

I just love him and our life always revolves around him :)

What better can be a testimonial of how special he was tht when my mom died.. she wanted him to be with her.. only him :)
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8 Responses

  1. J. Says:

    daddies always have this inexplicable thing for their daughters.i love my dad! :)

  2. Nancy Says:

    So touching. Yeah it was in bits & pieces but then how can u possibily cram in 2 decades of ur life in a page or two:-)

  3. Flo Says:

    Isn't having someone to always love you great!? It's sickening to even think that either of us might be separated at some point.

  4. ->V<- Says:

    reading it makes me miss my dad. Think I should call him right now :)

  5. ... Says:

    ur first post i read.. and indeed made me miss my dad.. away frm him for the last 2 years i phone him once each day.. and he still refuses to listen that i am grown up!!!

  6. bhav :)

    Jubs so true!

    Nancy! Yep.. it sure is!

    Floey.. one needs only a single person to love .. it is hard to imagine we will seperate even when you know thats the only certain part.. no wonder we all like to live with some illusions in life :)

    Vishal.. you reminded me of adam sandler's movie where he adopts his friend's kid .. u know in the court room....

    Jagesh! thank you :)

    mr dots, you better read more often then :P

    Oh neither do my dad! :| :|