meena iyer

Life.. is full of so many twisted turns and detours.. sometimes we have no idea about where we are going.. and sometimes we do.. we survive the times when we don't know which way we are going and when winds are in our direction we are termed successful.. if not then atleast strong.. there seems to be a premise for that ofcourse.. but can we really rule out fate completely?

We say "vinasha kaale vipreeta buddhi" when things go wrong.. a very simple way to kill the guilt.. to transfer the blame to this unknown entity.. Fate... how ever.. when things work out fine.. its all due to our dedication and hardwork... Has anyone ever wondered that may be this fate decided to smile on them just might be the reason they thought in the right direction??
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  1. Atulaniya Says:


    you need to be a man enough to take all the blame when things are wrong and humble enough to give the fate its due share when you succeed...

    and what I have learnt is a dialogue from movie padosan

    'jab jab jo jo hona hai tab tab so so hota hai' ......and it covers both the good and bad times

  2. ... Says:

    not a firm believer of luck\fate etc... i ve always fancied the slogan " harder u work, luckier u get.." but there are certain situations when no matter wat u do..the outcome is decided some how in advance.. is dat wat fate is?

  3. Jagesh thats my thought in gist :)

    @... well i guess so.. isnt that what fate is?