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As if you are ever going to read this! Like so many other letters untitled unposted and unread... this too is added to more in the pile of broken dreams...

Why do you make my heart beat rise? why is it that I ache when you do and am happy when you are? why?

Why is it that I want all that you want for yourself? when you feel blue.. feel down I wanna hug you!

Why is it hard for me to let go.... to say good bye, and yet in my lips is an ever fake smile? all set all bright just for you?
When my heart just want to cry?
In the mountain of shattered illusions, I add a brick more... why does this make my heart sore?

So many unformed questions... waiting to burst... how can I explain this thirst.. to drown in every part of you?

Every little word.. every little thought collected... and stored lovingly... something I hold on to!
every joy.. every sorrow.. imprinted in my heart!

why is it that while all i wanna say is I love you

we end up discussing rest of the crowd?

Only to realize I am not the only one.. who fawn on you!
but may be.. am the only one.. who wont even try.. to leave a mark.. in your life

Would that make me special?

COz i want... to be special.. just for you!

From .
The ever present me!

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5 Responses

  1. ... Says:

    Hope the "Dearest" reads it some day :)

  2. Neeraja Says:

    this reminds me of that unsent email ive got in my "drafts" box.

  3. Pretty Me!! Says:

    i sent it to my dear one !!! thx fr writing this fr me my sweetie pie !

  4. damn it..a sense of deja vu