meena iyer
Finally! seems stupid but i always wanted to be.. I love them!

I am: a witness to others life... sometimes I wonder if i exist..

I think: a lot sometimes and lot less many times

I know: something.. not everything just something

I want: to travel, to read loads of books.. own my own beach side villa.. if i can swing it.. i would love to own a beautiful island..

I have: loads of dreams

I wish: I would start doing something and stop waiting for something to happen

I hate: being called a liar

I miss: being innocent and open like in childhood

I fear: being rejected

I feel: happy near to nature.. esp the sea

I hear: song from zindagi rocks... right now

I smell: green grass, wet parched mud when it rains

I crave: to be accepted.

I search: for a place to be called my own

I wonder: if this moment was extended like that.......

I regret: many things in life...

I love: clouds, moon, rains, sea, waves... nature in short

I ache: Yes i do. many a times though... I cant name it,... cant give reason why

I am not: uncomplicated and sweet

I dance: in the rain mostly when no one is watching...

I sing: all the time.. if not with mouth then in my mind.. some song always reverberates...

I cry: On lonely nights, for no reason at all

I dont always: know what I need or say what i feel..

I fight: when it cannot be avoided

I write: many imaginary stories in my mind.. its second nature..

I win: people's smile :) most of the time

I lose: track of time period.

I never: let people down if i can help it

I always: end up being late to places.. i tend to tarry along

I confuse: people easily if I want to

I listen: to sound of silence in the dead of the night

I can usually be found: Reading a book in the loo. I hate sitting there doing nothing

I need: attention. lots of it

I am happy about: the way I write

I imagine: I imagine how things can be given a situation.. in all permutations n combinations...

I tag: Ishaan, Neeru, Floey, Prachi,Vishal , Pramod I donno if he will accept.. but I tag Ravi too
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6 Responses
  1. Reflections Says:

    I was wondering if u were going to do the tag at all:-D. Glad u took it up.

    "I wish: I would start doing something and stop waiting for something to happen"
    Me too, me too:-P

  2. i love being tagged :D

    Ah best of luck to us then :)

  3. ... Says:

    you know so much about yourself :P

  4. Neeru Says:

    im tagged, im tagged :D :D :D >:D< :* thanks a million. :D n ya, even ur short answers r poetic!

  5. Vinay Says:

    i like tags too... esp this one but it has not got around to me yet... :)

    found lots of commonalities...!