meena iyer

Mtv has come with a new reality show ... "splitzville"

So whats special about this new reality show??? 20 women compete to win attention of two adonis lookalike( *pukes*) men... erm boys!

Objectification of female to ultimate... the guy says dance on the table.. she does.. 'jo hukkum mere aaka'

Reminds you harem? Ofcourse this sucks! But then these females willingly agreed to be so...

So is it not free will? To break all the set constraints and think about what you wanna be.. feminism?

so should we say kudos that these females choose to be servile.. in all their senses?

After all to each his own..

And its all about fame.. money and SEX................

5 Responses
  1. Nancy Says:

    havent watched but from what u sounds totally degrading:-S.
    Have blogrolled u if thats ok with u:-). Curious sentence i know.

  2. Flo Says:

    I never watch 'reality' shows. The never "keep it real" anyways. It's to titillate the minds of the viewer, like the way soft porn is supposed to work. And it does a reasonable job for the sex-deprived.

  3. The Mystic Says:

    Oh splitsvilla *drools thinkng about 20 hot women* well iwatched the show its okay in a sense its just a show... also the fact objectification of women is not wrong , sex sells let it sell if u arent buying it someone else will :)

  4. I wish men r objectified then!

    why not 20 men woo 2 girls?

    and just coz it sells its right?

    Drugs sell too should we make trafficking legal??

    Even prostitution shud b given place in our export list then! We have loads to export.. sex sells.. may b then female infanticide would reduce!! :| :|

  5. nancy I am honored!

    It is degrading really!

    Floey.. true they r not kept real.. but they can atleast make it interesting!

    its like a soft porn!