meena iyer

I have woken up today by the wrong side of my bed surely! If i knew this is how my morning would be I would have never ever slept yesterday if that could have saved me from this news...

On the top of that I feel guilty for being sad *sigh* Coz both are really good news.. infact swelling news.. but my selfish envious heart cannot stop being sad n depressed.. *phew*

The thing is like i said in the last post... I am in a rut.. boring job that has no work :| :| everyday is same as next and its making me go completely out of mind...

The only saving grace is the friends I made in the workplace.. They are all such nice ppl.. sometimes they remind me of my college days and I go ummmm in my heart.. it really aches for my coll friends then...

In this past 1 .5 years I have managed to make 2 friends in office that I can really count as friends.. * read someone whom I call when I have to vent out frustrations* I hope they think same for me....

So now that I had made real friends I finally felt home.. felt cozied up know the works.. Finally Bangalore felt home after near 3 years..... And now things are going to change .. and that too super fast!

I mean just 2 weeks and 2 of my closest *best even* friends are leaving the company.. and I feel bereft...

They have got amazing jobs.. They should move! However, am left behind... and... well as time would pass by they wont have time for me too.. they will have more and new friends... we wouldnt b able to relate our lives any longer.. so would say less and finally say nothing....

As always.. I will feel lonely again...

To top that.... I feel like an audience... clapping for someone elses glory.. but why not me?

My other college friends seem to be doing amazing too.. every one is going somewhere.. while I am stagnant :(

Damn I am really super depressed... my sis doesnt u\s... she cannot grasp it .. I know she tries to... And I hate the fact that she has to try and then fail.. to u\s me :| Really It sucks big time!

Boo hoo hoo *really*
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8 Responses
  1. Neeraja Says:

    Sigh... I understand this feeling only too perfectly. It's something I go through all the time. :|

  2. Nancy Says:

    As we grow older, making friends becomes harder. I dont knw why...mayb bcoz we are afraid of getting rebuffed.

    TRY....try to reach out to others. u'll be surprised at the response.

  3. whatever Says:

    uh-oh.and what abt never-going-to-be-employed loser like me?

  4. Ishaan Says:

    I do understand u though :P waise what u need is a beeeeg bear hug which u failed to take from me so pack up and courier urself to me and i shall hug u

  5. triyash Says:

    read about life being bored....its not unusual..

    same thngs happening at this end too...thngs dont seem to budge...boring kolkata...

    but hey ur blog is really amazing...u got all the links arranged..ur new posts...ur comments..the blogs u visit...simply wOW...take kudos...and hugs...

  6. Voice Says:

    Main ek contrasting comment karta hu

    achha hua jo tumhare dost chale gaye now u will not like ur office and will get impatient and u will try harder for better opportunities

    power of positive thinking :)

  7. ... Says:

    hope you doing okay now!!!

  8. neeru >:D<

    Nancy.. it sure is.. difficult..

    whatever, you will make friends for sure :)

    Ishaan!! *winnie the poohi hug* :D :D

    Uddy! thank you!!!!! yep being bored is a passe.. to think we have so many ways to get rid of it.. but still we r full of it!

    Bhav sir ki jay :P

    thnx buddy!

    Mr dots.. am doing gr8 now.. life just moves on