meena iyer
This was one of the wonderfullest day! I actually loved shopping [:P]

Yeah i did!! I went wid my sis for her birthday shopping.... I end up shopping more than she did [:D][:d]

I bought one pant khadi waala pants n 2 tops.. then we went to jewelry shop.. hoping to buy her a ring ... but she didnt like them.. I end up buying 2 for myself [:P]

And then it started raining so we returned home.. then in the evening i went out again to buy her gifts.. it was a tough choice but bought her a watch and a glare from fast track!

hope she likes it!! *fingers crossed*

And now... i got to clean the house... plan food for next day and then.... wrap the gifts... decorate the cake tc etc etc

too much work!

Tata guys!!

* i am already tired [:O]*
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