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Well 15th August this year I would say was one of the most productive independence day of my life..

I attended a workshop conducted by AID India in Kormangala. Ahem i reached lateeeeeeeeeeeee Like always. Although it wasn't my mistake :( It was as if all the world was conspiring to make me late.

firstly, the schedule was temporarily changed. Then, the cab was late. When I reached home I ahd to cook lunch and do other stuff..

Once I reached koramangala by around 10:30 am.. ahem things turned for worse..
Firstly i couldnt find the way.. I was walking in the hot sun *unexpectedly hot sun*

Took a rick that took me all over for nothing.. finally 30 rupees poorer i got where i wanted to...

And then the 3-4 hrs that follwed were the best there was..

Okay Cabs here.. continued later in the night.. keep checking

Back here :)

Ahem after that i went to Lalbagh! The sickest place on holidays!!

Lemme digress to complain abt ppl with sickest civic sense!!

The place had turned to such an mess!!
Its a shame to find such wonderfully tended gardens turned into shambles!!

Pssst.. the litter wasnt the only complain! Fucking bozoes had uprooted the plants... broken leaves... branches.. and the crowd was unbearable..
And predators used this occasion to touch to abuse!!

Damn! :x :X

Okay .. so we hardly did anyfin and came back.. although i have taken pic of flowered tajmahal!

Will show u sometimes
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  1. Has ur 15 th august nite not come as yet?? :|