meena iyer
Yeah :-)

Its been like ages and i haven't met of of my school friends... thanks to orkut now we met. It was awkward to start talking.. I hardly knew what to say what to discuss... but as far as renunions go.. this went well :)

We discussed about many of our school friends.. the things we did togather.. Like the way she used to wait for me.. *Ahem i was a late latif even theen [:P] *

Or the way i used to read *loudly*

I remember one uncle telling.. if u got exams, whole apartment knows that you do :P

Most of my childhood was spent in my gallery/varandah etc etc... In a small flat of 2BHK that was my havan.. my niche.
I would sit there in the evening waiting for mom to come.. imagining the *goodies* she will bring.

Dad was too strict.. so i would sit there and my frineds would stand outside and we would talk hours togather.. joking having fun..

I used to love sitting there n seeing ppl playing.. Many a time i used to the umpire :P

My dad never understood my obsession wid the verandah... he can't.. he wouldnt know the first time i had a crush.. the way my eyes would track the guy down all through his game.. I laughed an dcried wid him.. when he won he lost etc etc etc
Nor would he u\s the memories i ahve of the best laughter.. innocent one :)

Oh well i got distracted! I was tawking abt mah friend whom i met.. well we werent friends for long... hardly 1 1/2 years. But i guess she was a friend when i needed.. juss after my mom died. I dun really remember how many times.. i have been a cry baby in front of her.. but i guess quite a few times :)

I still rememebr the early morning brk fast i got if i went to their place early * we never had brkfast at my place* :( :(

Well, she gave me the first novels i read. I gobbled them up like a parched person gobbles water :D . We studied togather.. al thru the 10th std.. it was fun..

I actually dun remmeber much but it felt nice.. nice to remember and go back down the memory lane...

Well I wrote a few lines for her ...

down the memory lane we meet many times
But in present only once
i dunno what to speak only that .. i am fine
If i dunt speak ... wud i get a second chance?
2 Responses
  1. Ravi D Says:

    Today I knew lot about you :p
    Well that doesn.t matter much...

    Memory lane, I love the title and everything else which continued... Though it late, but sorry to hear about your mom... Dads are mostly strict :)

    And about the friend you met... Aha! Its always more to talk about but the ignite is missing... It happens to me always and lot :D

    loved it :)

  2. awee...sounds sweet.loved readin it!!..good and bad memories..part of life..hmm...
    luvv yaa!!