meena iyer
Nothing more refreshing than walking in the rain.. alone in the night :D

it washed away all the blues that i was feeling!!

the pitter patter of rain always fascinates me.. so does the cold breeze and the feeling of rain drops falling on me.. its orgasmic :D

i am lost in train of thoughts that take me to moon and back... i many times dreamt of sharing the feelings with love of my lyf.. and it being unlikely anymore * yeah turned into a cynic* i wud rather njoy it alone.. alone wid rain :D

i am always fascinated by rain since childhood when i wud sit all night listening to rains in the varandah... its my second love first being the sea!!

i had lot to write abt it.. suddenly i am dry of words.. it is an experience that i cant say in words...

it hides ur tears... ur guilt ur shame and cleanse u of everything.. no one can feel desolate after u ahve been in the rains never...

i guess thats juss abt it :
2 Responses
  1. --xh-- Says:

    r u sure itz nt me who wrote this one? :P

  2. does it matter who wrote?

    We both felt it dear! thats more than enough :P