meena iyer
Finally time to be true to my blog [:P]

I dunno why but i hate editing my blog.. not even like to correct mistakes.. spelling mistakes, grammatic mistakes :)

I feel that if i start editing these mistakes i will edit my thoughts too.. i scruplously dun want to do so.. i want it to be fresh out of my brains [:)]

*so if u feel there r too many mistakes.. rest assured..that they r not meant to be corrected ever*
7 Responses
  1. ->V<- Says:

    ah...the mistakes are way too kewt to be corrected. give postings a natural touch :)

  2. The Shmoo Says:

    lol! I hate to edit my posts!

  3. Your writings are perfect the way they are!! =)
    they dun need ne editin...*hmph*..=D

  4. Anonymous Says:

    editing can be done here only not in the real world, go sleep child

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hope life is not a blog with some mere buttons, for you.

  6. Pensativo Says:

    tch tch lazy bum [:d]

  7. ITs been so long tht u wrote here ;...hmmm u been bz???...
    me ish very bzish...
    xmaz next week..:S
    miss yaaa..
    ill prolly av a week off..thn wud talk to uuuuu!!!