meena iyer
Yes.. we all have congregated here.. yep u n me... we have coe here to mourn the death of a very dear friend of mine.. Some one who stayed with me more than anyone else did.

I took that someone for granted. never took care of it.. and now that someone is lost and I am desolate!
Yeah and that someone is my harddisk.. Everyday it slaved for me.. ever there.. i added stuff deleted stuff.. formated it. it never cmplained. always there for a song.. movie documents everything and now... and now its gone phut!!

I shall buy a new one but it wont be the same. I bought this harddisk along wid my computer in Oct 2003. And after all these years its gone.. everytime i restart the computer it says.. disk error. I know harddisk u didnt want to go.. u loved me...

And now u r gone.. like all goood things in life u shall remain.. in my memories..

Rest in peace my lovely darling HDD of 40 GB from SAMSUNG...

3 Responses
  1. ->V<- Says:

    LOL !! :D
    oops...Sorry poohs..I shdn't be laffin' on this sad moment but....LOL :D

    R.I.P. her darlin HDD ! :|

  2. The Shmoo Says:

    I know what that feels like... I've been there...


    The agony! The agony!

  3. LOl..ahh i mean sad..i knw how it feels..i lost it twice..imagine...
    *sniff* *sniff*..and well im sure u knw how smart m i wen it comes to this considerin tht..2 times is ...a big ting!..:$...
    neway really sowie to heard abt it..*ma espechiall tweety hug *...=D