meena iyer
That may be one has to accept certain facts. That certain things would never be like the way I want. That many times I wouldn't measure upto their expectations. That may be there is some flaw in me that I don't want to accept. Sometimes, there is nothing else to do but accept. 

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  1. Indyeah Says:

    yes sometimes acceptance is the only way and probably the best way....this is my phase right now...

  2. Rambler Says:

    acceptance is the first step..and I would believe not the destination

  3. Abhi Same here *hugs*

    Rambler but as they say, if you take the first step journey is half finished :)

  4. Solilo Says:

    Meens, Some of your posts are intriguing.

  5. maald Says:

    D-A-B-D-A: The five stages of bereavement

    Denial: No, I am nowhere near old age; how can it be

    Anger: What? Old age? So soon? Why?

    Bargaining: If I change my ways, will old age leave me?

    Depression: Oh, no! I am an old lady now.

    Acceptance: I am an old lady, so what!

  6. vishesh Says:

    hmm...humans will be humans... :) We can't do much about it,as long as we don't contradict ourselves we are safe :)

  7. self realisation and accepting our flaws is a big thing indeed. :)

  8. Priya Iyer Says:

    yup. very true. first accept your situation, then try to change it or improve it or learn to live with it... as rambler says, acceptance is only the first step :)

  9. Voice Says:

    accepted [:)] ur thought

  10. Jeeves Says:

    Well said. But why this introspection.

  11. Ordinary Guy Says:

    we are all humans... :)
    and acceptance is good... :)
    I accepted long back that I will never be handsome and intelligent... :) LOL... hehehehehe

  12. Yogesh Says:

    The only way is to move FORWARD!!

    Sometimes its a blessing in disguise when you are unable to accept the facts, searching for answers.

    When you are lost, you find yourself.

  13. Smitha Says:

    True, I guess, acceptance is a good thing.. and a difficult thing to do...

  14. Archana Says:

    But acceptance -sans regrets- is close to becoming God. When man learns to appreciatively accept, he becomes God-doesn't he?

    Watch the tamizh movie Anbae Sivam-if you ve'nt watched already-sometime:-)Eye opener of sorts:-)

  15. mindspace Says:

    but depends on what you are accepting coz in some cases u start getting taken in for granted and the u maybe be forced to follow a chain of acceptance..
    its complex, its frustrating. happens with most of us.. its natural...

    cheer up..

  16. The only person whose expectations we can measure upto is ourselves, and sometimes even there we make mistakes!
    So maybe acceptance with the option of reviewing ...after a while.

    If acceptance brings peace of mind, why not?
    Hugs, IHM