meena iyer
I was trying to add labels to my poems on my other blog when disaster stuck with its evil weapons. I accidentally deleted my 11 posts.  U was distraught as I write it on the blog post and thats just about it. I dont take a backup! And losing so many poems.... I almost choked with tears when I remembered about google caches!

So with the right keywords, I could retrieve all my poems!! Ah lady luck was on my side &Phurbhhh!!! disaster *shows a tongue rudely*

Any how the day was saved but I lost all the comments. I am so sorry!! I am right now taking multiple back ups of all my blogs :D

I suggest you do it too.. and also, incase you deleted any post and want to recover.. try google search.. if you are not getting the file still.. holler over.. I might be of help ..I mean I am really good at googling stuff.. always been *smug* I can now afford to be smug.. Adieus!

11 Responses
  1. Ordinary Guy Says:

    :) good that you got em back... :)

  2. Bindhu Unny Says:

    Good. Now let me go and check the rescued blog posts. :-)

  3. Hey, that's good. Well done!
    And I'm so poor at technology...

  4. Solilo Says:

    Oh! good that you retrieved those posts.

    I remember once I typed this long post and just before hitting publish I don't know what happened and it got deleted..not even in draft.

  5. Indyeah Says:

    oh good you got them back Winnie!:)
    I can so imagine the pain seriously :D
    I have felt like crap when I have accidentally deleted some drafts

    :(((just liek Solilo said:(LOL@smug!

    great!!now you are the guru!:P

  6. Biju Mathews Says:

    Glad to know that you got them back!!

    But seriously why do you care? Your poesy little head is full of poems. Keep writing them all :-)

    Keep Blogging!!

  7. OG.. plain luck :)

    Bindhy Unny Ah thats so sweet of you! :)

    Indicaspecies, I use google a lot thats all :)

    Solilo happened to me too once or twice :(

    Abhi he he he :D :D *hugs* if I didn't get it i would have mopped for days together.. each one is a baby.. too bad i have 241 babies :D :D


    Biju ah what do I say.. there may be 10 fingers on my hands each pains when cut :P

  8. Anonymous Says:

    what ever you got back never post it again

  9. Archy Says:

    Its happened with me too:-) And good that you retrieved the contents:-)
    Technology , you know, our life's wheels are based on that i ve to say!

  10. Yogesh Says:

    Never came across a girl who is good at the techno stuff.

    Good that you could retrieve your poems again. thanks for the tip.

  11. Kris Says:

    the first think i though of telling you when i read the first line was "google's cache"!!! thankfully, as i read further, i realised that's exactly what you used too :)