meena iyer
We had a contract. She and I. As long as she can fill them up, I was allowed to dig holes. Out in the wasteland, all day long, we spent a happy times together.
When the sun went down the horizon and birds flew home we returned muddied and satisfied.
A little girl and her dog.

Prompted at : Weekend Wordsmith

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  1. Thoorika Says:

    happy Happy post !!! I like !!! :) :)

  2. Indyeah Says: cute Winnie:))
    This is me:)and you too I know;)coz of Sweety:))

    so so cute:)

  3. Sashu... Says:

    awwwww...lovely!!! :)

  4. jb Says:

    wonderful and informative pages! Thanks.</A

  5. Rambler Says:

    you know what..this sounded symbolic to me in more than one way

  6. :)

    Absolutely loved this!

  7. Priya Iyer Says:

    cute!! me likey... :)

  8. Yogesh Says:

    Good one. Did the dog injured himself while playing?

  9. Archana Says:

    Very very very cute:-) esp the pic:D

  10. Tan Says:


    I see that I missed this form of writing... this is the second story I read today in 55 words!!!

    Gotto try it myself now... please visit my blog (Thus Wrote Tan!)later today and let me know if you like my work... will surely give it a good try :)