meena iyer
Oh yes!! After dilly dallying for some time... And after a long struggle wherein I tried to move the blog to my personal hosting account ( free courtesy company :)) and failing due to limitations on the servers... and fiddling around with htacess and failing again.. and then finding a long way out only to stumble at the template level.. and then getting so busy that ( not updating the blogs even) I had to give up...

And then finally after 2 weeks of yes and no.. where I almost gave up moving the blogs to wordpress.. I have finally moved! Yes me too!! YAY!!

Kindly update your blogrolls and also your feeds

Catawampus me:

Song of my life:


My unfinished stories :


Guys, even if you haven't visited the other blogs before.. please visit this once and let me know how it looks pweez!!

9 Responses
  1. WELCOME to the neighbourhood :)

    Look forward to seeing you on the other side :)

  2. Agnes Says:

    Wow -- they all look great! How come you decided to move your sites? Just curious.

  3. IHM ITs wonderful to be there...

    Agnes, wordpress is cool! You should try it too :)

  4. Chriz Says:

    so you no longer gonna be arnd in blogger?

  5. Umm around yes.. but not updating!

  6. BrownPhantom Says:

    How many thousand blogs do u plan to have :). Over to wordpress now.
    I might migrate to sometimes; too lazy to start that though.
    Let's see what u have there :).

  7. Butterfly Says:

    Ok. I am going there now. Just letting u know. :D

    P.S: This page looks awesome. Where do u find such templates on blogspot?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  9. beautiful blog !
    Love your writing