meena iyer
There are some words that are meant to be said but yet you wont say it.. be it for any reason... may b u love them too much blah blah.. but they r meant to be said... and hence when you dont say it.. u feel suffocated.. this suffocation leads you to swallow the words that you want to say... slowly the relation becomes hard to continue.. long silences that erstwhile meant comfort soon becomes choking.. we find reasons to not be with each other.. not to talk.. soon it becomes a habit.. this mutual avoidance...

and one fine day the relation that was a rock support.. the safe harbor... is abondoned... is dead...

this slow painful death we prefer.. this pain of knowing consciously that we avoid and are being avoided .... we prefer that to a momentary sharp pain of honesty... which can b later on cushioned with love..

2 Responses
  1. Pensativo Says:

    Its something unpredictable but in the end is right.. [:)]

    I think sometimes its the best possible option.

    By doing this you endure some pain but then you avoid the bigger pain of facing the other person :).

  2. what about the fact that you lose them forever ?