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This is not the first time that I am bored or have blogged about boredom... It is not that I have no topic for blogging!

Of course i do.. I wanna blog about this amazing play I read... by Henreik Isben .. or about other books I read like the thing called love or Sojourn or waves.. or the last post.. all are amazing books by Indian authors I wud love and love to write a review on them but just not yet...

I want to write abt me n my sister the relation.. one of my friend wanted me to write on it... and then czarlita inspired me big time.. but just not yet.....

Right now all day I have been sitting in front of the computer just being useless n jobless.. just like old times.. is that the reason why I feel such a void inside?

I somehow miss some friends.. I feel deep inside that things are not same.. and yet I chose not to speak.. I dunno why.. i feel things drifting.. or is it just me?

Or may be its just the song that runs through my mind...

But it rained... by parikrama...

la la la la la la......

Blah! I dunno what.. but i do know i feel somehow down!

May be coz every damn person has a busy life but me.. somehow i have too much time to waste.. or may be too much will to waste... I cud have used this time to do the chore.. or may be to do the project or study may be?

I dunno why.. i no longer call anyone... I just dont feel like it!

I am fucking bored of my life.. this rut that starts n ends with boredom!

Works no good.. i dont have to use my brains at all.. i can feel it rust.. rot infact!

Damn i am too bored of being bored
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2 Responses
  1. tom Says:

    well..what can I say? After coming back from Dubai, I am wasting lot of time doing nothing..tried everything, even to the extent of finding out what makes a depression tick..but I really love the medication named mirtaz, atleast it gives me a mind blowing metabolism...but no regrets, after all Bangalore was always meant to be a retirement city.. Real people are always lazy..even my dogs are lazy..
    I am just got excited about barack obama carrying a small hanuman replica with him all the time..suddenly I am into mantras...I wish I can arrange every word like you n start a blog..but like they say....ha...

  2. Tom as they say.. to each his own :P

    So what makes depression tick? [:D]