meena iyer
I have been wanting to explore this side of spectrum since long.. however somehow things never crystallized... to something worth talking about...

I remember initially when i started to blog.. I wanted this to be a true account of all my unruly feelings that I keep locked.. somehow things changed.. and it became more of an abstract thoughts.. there was a time when i made it funny even.. a long time back... Also, I started to expect comments from people .. expected them to read...

And then i started to write poems... and then the need for comments which was a silent appeal turned into demands... I craved for them..

However, while doing that.. I somehow lost the pleasure I derived from it.. when an anonymous person decides to comment on mine.. its more of a genuine comment..

Now the state is such that I still demand comments from some.. however, I dont feel elated coz of it.. it seems more of an routine kinda comments...

May b its time to recycle.. may be i shud turn of commenting....
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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    No honey. Do not disable commenting. well i dont comment reg, but times like these i cant do without commenting. i feel the same as you do. i am not poet being the only difference. ;)


  2. madhura Says:

    how true :(

  3. Nancy Says:

    This is just the post i wanted to write but i was doubtful about putting across the nuances in the correct way.

    Do u really think u have the will to turn off commenting? I dont think i can:-P

  4. I dunno.. sometimes i want to real bad :(