meena iyer

Sometimes.. especially when you have something better to do.. you mind drifts into few pockets of unexplored stupidity.. I had a similar experience and I came up with this particular incredibly dense but plausible thought....

Few years down the line... when having a dog becomes serious business we would have dog pounds in the mall and... along with that someone called a dog counselor... This person would grill you for lot of personal information as in how many ppl r at home... wud the dog be alone for long.. where do u stay where will u keep the dog etc etc.. and acc to our needs wud suggest us the breed..

and ofcourse charge us for it :)

when this idea catches the rage.. we wud then improve it to mean.. to buy a dog of a particular breed and a particular sensibilities....

And then the so called dog breeders wud start breeding dogs of certain sensibilities.. that wud soon become a matter of symbol to have dogs from a particular breeder..

Custom dog breeding and dog counseling.....

The kids wud b counseled differently and parents too to buy a dog....

Lets say a girl wanna buy a "Labrador" the counselor obviously say no.. reason : girls wud love a dainty dog better"
but miss Cassie has a lab i want it too

But labs are messy.. soon u wud grow old .. u can use your doggy as fashion accessories.. remember legally blonde?


So poor lab has to wait for someone else... and ofcourse the dogs that r not sold goes to the common pound.. like a jumbo sales with one free with other offers.. and damn cheap.. for the poor folks..

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