meena iyer

I am currently hooked to this book. I dunno why I don't want to complete this book :|

I am a-day-a-book kind of a person and its been more than a week and I am still not finished..

I have read so many books but none caught my imagination like this book... I know I can read this book for more than 25 times and still love it all the same..

So what is so special of this book?

There is not really much surprises in the storyline
I mean nothing exceptional...

It is about a convict from Australia who runs away from prison, leaves prison and lands in Mumbai. He falls in love with the city and a lady ...Karla... It is his story .. how he lives.. his money .. is stolen..fake visa expired.. he doesn't know what to do... ends up living in a slum where his first aid course makes him into a slum doctor.. trysts with underworld.. the works..

May b its the honesty with which this book is written? that makes it almost believable?

Or is it the love of the city that binds me with the author.. Mumbai is a city that gets into ur veins and stays there stubbornly.. once a mumbaikar.. always one....

Its havan for misfits.. those who dont fit anywhere fit there perfectly :)

I love the sensitivity in this guy... he has painted the heart of the city.. the spirit the never say die attitude...

each and every word is labvor of love.. may b thats y I love this book so much....

I know mostly i am not making sense.. but I know i love this book.. even if i don't know why i love it [:)]
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2 Responses
  1. Pensativo Says:

    Finish it soon and let me also enjoy the love with the book [:d]

  2. duh!

    finished it today :P