meena iyer
This was one question I promised I wud never ask myself.. and I never have until now.... Today I am sexed up... the chill the beauty everything makes me want somebody's warm body by myside... engulfing in love.. and yeah making love to me in many ways described in them mills n boons novel.. with his eyes.. with his touch well u get the picture

Since the start its been my way to express my mood though my orkut profile.. and yet today I removed some of it.. edited it to make it publically palatable...

What changed? how did i end up thinking abt what others think?

In other ways too.. i never cared if ppl dint read my blog or commented.. nowadays i do..

I want ppl to read my poems praise me.. ah vanity and well desperation.. i am desperate more n more nowadays!

5 Responses
  1. this is normal and yet abnormal... hypocrisy of our age! captured well..

  2. ishaan Says:

    puri duniya bhaad main jaye...m dere for u...

  3. ->V<- Says:

    hey !! congrats !! ... you are growing up ! ;) :P :D

  4. zahid Says:

    same here.... comes to you at some point of time i guess.... And then if i din think about this question i would have done a lot of things i'm regretting for not havin done

  5. sushmita Says:

    yeah we say that we don't acre but we end up thinking more about otehrs!