meena iyer

Simply me :-)

Me in a freaky mode, sister smiling, kamal and piyush :-)

Flowerly love! Wonderful photography isnt it ???

M- mountain yay!!!

Me sliding down to avoid walking :P :P

Amit, Piyush Kamal sister and me.. on the crypt :-)

Sister, amit, me , tojo, and sid :-) on the trail while energy was still there!!

4 Responses
  1. The Shmoo Says:

    OMG! its soooooooooo beautiful! you've got some energy girl.. I'd die looking at the distance I had to walk :P (me =/= energetic adventurous human)

    The "Flowery Love" pic reminded me of old hindi movies, where that was the best way to tell the audience that things are gettin hot in here ;)

    Lovely pics :)

  2. ->V<- Says:

    beautiful pics :D :D .. too too good ..psst I wish I too would go on such a trip ..soon !

    nice camerawork too ! the flowers one and the next..who took them ?

    @ Mani's post - LOL at movie simile :P ...whaddya say Meena ?..ahem :D

  3. ishaan Says:

    btw u knw ur a gud cameraperson 2!!! i love ur shots!! n also u luk so cute!! di if i ever come to bang we'll go to this place...pakka..

  4. honey!!

    i wud have loved if it was me.. it is not.. but its beautiful!