meena iyer
I am kinda shocked by the way ppl take marraiges nowadays.. very casual : :

Let me give you some examples that made me think about it...

There is this cousin of mine lets say X . Ek lauti sis fo 2 well earning broes.. bahut laad pyaar se rkha dono ne.. then ek din bhabhi aaayi.. bhaiyya ka dhyan pisla.. aur behen felt left out..
So behen who is of my age.. wanted to marry to have someone give her same attention as her bro gives hsi wife..

Jaldi mein marraige fix kiya.. pehle hi ladke ko haan kehdi.. dint even finish her studies engage ho gayi...

3 months down the line wants divorce ::

If she had taken time to get to know him better may b she neednt go thru this ordeal..

her bro now doesnt wanna support her.. he is happy in his life and well the other one n dad they dont liek what she is doing..

indeed i dont like it.. but i feel she still did the best thing possible

however where was the foresight??

Then again there is this other cousin of mine who married when she was 21 .
A girl from poor family.. she had recently got a job.. we all wanted her to stick to the job.. support her family atleast for 2-3 years.. until her bro finishes his studies...

but family mein sabko jaldi thi.. again married to first available boy.. who is now a good for nothing ninny boy!

Atleast they are in love wid each other.. thats the only saving grace.. warna after marraige 2 kids down the line they r wanting for money..

my heart say wheres ur brains ur foresight?
why dint u wait for a better man.. or for making means for urself?
if marraguie was needed why kids so early
why 2 kids back to bac?
Le sigh!

i think thats it for today
3 Responses
  1. The Shmoo Says:

    lol ! its funny how people take marriage so lightly.. we think a million times before making someone our best friend, and some people just jump into such serious relationships like its some joyride !

    I'm sure Meena will be way way way more careful ;)

    BIG LOL @ "why two kids back to back?" :D

  2. ishaan Says:

    di marriage is like an arrangement ...ladki gahr ki zimmedari hoti hai n she has to be married to the first "eligible bachelor" that walks thru the door...m nt against there style but atleast let em knw eachother...i cant c myself with a "homely" girl coz m nt that kinda y force me in2 with some girl whos only traits are"kadhai , bhunai n good food"
    i dont wear sweaters n i knw how to cook n i can afford a same in ur case u r earning n independent y do u need a dumbo to earn 4 u...u need ur equal or that u can say hes my better half ...
    n btw 2 kids back to back...omg dont they knw condoms were invented 60 yrs ago...

  3. Alok Says:

    Well... It's a strange thing, arranged marriage.

    I mean, how can you expect two complete strangers to become so intimate with each other in such a short time?
    It's like a big restraining order. Like it or not, you'll have to live with it. Also, arranged marriage is completely unnatural. Have you ever seen Animals fixing up their offspring's mate?

    But that's only one side of the coin. It seems that people of marriageable age take it for granted that their parents will find them a mate. That's the reason they stop trying to find someone on their own. This is so sad but true.

    It's not completely arranged marriage's fault either. There are a lot of cases when carelessness in choosing a lifepartner has caused havoc in people's lives. I hope something like that doesnt happen to me. :D