meena iyer
Yesterday was my dad's birthday.. 73rd one.. He is now 72 years old going on 73!

I know i shud b happy and all.. but somehow his imminent mortality has come around to mock my face :(

He is no longer as vital as involved as he was.. He needs help getting up.. walking... he sleeps almost all day.. most of the time he wont reply to what u say unless u repeat a lot of time..

The shadow of the man that was haunts us!

I mean it reminds us he is no longer getting old.. sooner or later .. whether we r ready or not.. whether we like it or not.. the day would come when we wud b comepletely orphaned..

I am just too morbid to write anything more.. I hope we fill him with joy n contentment while he is with us..

Somehow each lil gesture each lil joy has become significant nowadays.

I never knew i had such infinite measures of patience in me.. i am glad i do :)


somehow words n thoughts both are very unresolved nowadays for posting blogs.. my restlessness and ambiguity shows.. isnt it?
2 Responses
  1. Patchez Says:


    the same is happening with my Granny :((
    and im left completely helpless with my own emotions so messed up!!!!

  2. ishaan Says:

    di i knw m too young to understand this but i knw it hurts u 2 c him in this try to make the most of it watever time u have make the best of it..go out for walks or a movie or just talk about anything....i knw u'll miss him ...but he will always be there ...its only his body that will leave you one day...but he wont coz his souls will always be there with his lil meenie....