meena iyer
Have you ever trusted someone from deep within your heart.. loved them like no other person only to find out that they dont respect you?

Only to find out that they think you are a cheapo... you are selfish.. that you hinder their growth.. that u r jealous of their happiness??

Have you ever been so blind as to push their happiness in front of yours.. grudged every happiness that you got coz they r suffering?..

Have you been left behind in their happiness but you always shared yours?

Even lil things like accessories.. you would want them to choose the best and thenn you would take the rest.. and yet even after drawing double their salary you would settle for worst.. and then b slapped wid a accusation that you show off your pay.. have you ever faced that ?

Are you tired of their endless dreaming wherein your choices your needs r never considered?
Have you been said that your choice in books r waste of time when they hardly touch what they buy and u r a voracious reader?

Have you been soffocated every day so much that yiou wish to run away and yet your sense of obligation.. sense of duty ties you down?

Have you ever rejected your dream job coz it wouldnt fit in their greater plans?

have you?

And yet be blamed that you dont like them to be happy?

I have! I wish i was never born.. I wish i was dead! I am so tired of this plastic smile... I am tired!
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