meena iyer
Well not so good..

the new year didnt start wid good note wid me arguing wid sis.. and things seems to have gone bad.. err good too depending on mood

Good points

---> I am almost bored of orkut enough to contemplate deleting my profile.. ppl seem insufferable

----> my career seems to take some rough outline right now.. instand of making dreams on the air.. i now make it on paper :P :P :P

----> Poems still are trickling by however, my bandwagon is on ahlt.. more so coz my thinking is again going in the direction I want it too

---- Birthday is near yay!!

Bad points

-----> Some online relations seems more challow than I thought it was

----> Miss some people .. and wish some ppl werent around

----> Feel let down by some people not that they care about it

-----> Birthday is near and i have to force enthusiasm in me :(

thats all for now!
3 Responses
  1. Anurag Says:


    I hope i'm not included in the list of insufferable people. :D

    Online relations? o_O

    What does challow mean? =)

  2. How chweet :)

    nah anuraag.. not u.. i mean ppl in general :P

    i dunno been active for like 2 years now.. its abt time i get deaddicted!

    online relations mean friendships online.

    for long it has been my only friends circle.. caught in a city i know nothing of..


  3. Pensativo Says:


    Pooh woes and woos :D

    You are won't need to delete your orkut account [:p]

    and yea you seem to be on some kind of poem writing spree :D.

    Congratulations on your century...and also on completing one successful year in blogging.. :)
    I hope you would be here for ever.. though happily and with all your wish :)