meena iyer
Recently I realized that heart broken person is soo boring.. I know they need all the attention and support they need.. But looking back.. i realize how boring a person I was.. I really feel like thanking for all the ppl who stood by me..

First and foremost I wanna thank my sister! Shes been by abnd large very patient.. I know from my own personal experience.. i know i wudnt be :)

I wanna thank Neeru my loving lil sisterlike... for handling all my angst and all my mood swings.. I am sure to have hurt her many times but she always said sorry... :)

Love you both!!

I wanna thank jatin harshad to eb there... I remember once Jatin stayed up chatting wid me.. coz i was down and he had maigrane .....

Harshad let me rant on and on... I cant stop thinking how much I ranted!! And how patient he was :) :) for a 17 years old he is more mature than me in many ways :)

It was his humor that kept me going!!

And if i can be glad of onething .. in that big fiasco its getting a friend like vishal! I really cherish what we share :)

His sense of humor.. unjudging looooonnnnnnnggggggggg ears.. and lil attentions soothed my soul like no one else could ....

I wanna take time to thank father to what he is to us.. a family.. I realised in many ways that widout my dad.. we r not a family at all..

I wanna thank Rhea for her beautiful poems that kept me cheered... I wanna that Shayoni for her Huge e-hugs, symphaty and loads of cookies.. even the cookie machine!!

I wanna thank rythm for fighting my battle for me.. I am not sure if i liked it then,..... But I liked the gesture for sure :)

Its coz of the fiasco we bonded better .. i dont mean if it wasnt for that we wudnt bond... we wud have... but...this facilitated it :)

To be honest, i would even thank amit.. coz if he hadnt come in life i wudnt have ever come to know my worth... i was a victim before .. i am not now.. in someways he was responsible for me to change...

If not for the fiasco i wud have drifted from half baked affairs to more.. i know i am capable of that.. now i know better


I guess i am the most blessed person on earth.. coz most ask for one true friend and i am blessed wid so many :)

I thank thee oh lord :)
May my path be studded with many such friends whom I can share my life wid and leave a mark...

And may my heart b marked wid many such ppl's love :)

I am glad that orkut has given me friends like flo... ishaan and vipin my loving bros ....Arin... and aditi.. both stood by me as a solid support.. I wanna thank them to have given place in their online life... and placed me in their thoughts.. when i was no one but a stranger on orkut :)
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  1. ->V<- Says:

    Oi..who is this Vishal bloke ? :O
    I know of your other friends though ! :P :D >:D<

  2. Anonymous Says:

    >:D< :* i love u, meena.