meena iyer
Seriously! All i can say is .. all i did was nothing! Zilch! Oh i did cook but so reluctantly ki sabki bhook mit gayi.. meri bhi!

Abnd nothing.. i started 2 books * yeah weird*

Stuck wid none!

I am reading this awesome book called maximum.. its abt mumbai.. an NRI's view on bombay!

Oh its a die for book for all mumbai lovers!

Le sigh! making nostalgic... in this book the author talks abt being an citizen of exile!

Oh how i understand what he means! I mean.. when he was in NY he wanted here.. and when he was in mumbai all he cud think abt is abt NY!!!

Similar experience i had.. when i am in bangalore.. all i miss is mumbia.. wahan ki beaches.. wahan ke log.. the crowd.. the ppl the sense of belonging....

seems like home to me even now.. after 2 years,.... i fear it will be always so...

But when i am in mumbai.. bangalore ki sadke bahut yad aati hai..

I am like a kitten.. i miss places more than ppl! LOL!

If ppl ask em what i miss most in karjat.. it wud be the town itself.. everything.. the mountains water falll that mandir.. the lonely walks etc etc.. not my friends... not on the most list.. but i miss my friends a lot!

I dont think i can make.. ever make such simple uncomplicated.. unselfish friends again.. not at my workplace atleast
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