meena iyer
For long I have heard ppl detesting the fact that reading habit is dying in students... Well the major issue is now its hard to buy books along with the huge cost of education.. badhti mehengaai and all.. I can see ppl say... haan library kyon nahi jaate...

I am a voracious reader.. more like an gobble.. i can read most books flat in 4-6 hours and yet not miss much....So buying a book a day is not viable for me... and hence.. I decided to enroll in an library.. there is no circulating library available in my area..

There r some book stores that let u read a book for 20-30 rupees per book.. which is better than buying it surely.. but then u cant do it if u read like me.. 1 book a day.. which means 900 bucks a month...

So .. finally i went to the central library near south end circle.. When i heard the price.. it was too good to be true!

Rs 40 per month and that too for 3 books.. and no deposit yet u can keep them fr 15 days!!

I was soo excited!

When i ask more about what kind of books r available.. i am directed to the book stand... I check out to find that moldy old books r there and what more.. these too are limited to 100 or so.. such a huge library and so less english collection!

Oh well at 40 rupees it was still worthwhile.. so I chose the books i wanted and then went to the librarian.. he looked at me and said.. it is not possible for you to get these books today..

On asking why he said that I got to fill form with photo.. submit address proof and get it attested for gezzetted oficer and then they will consider my form...

And when i said i will provide all those but i dunno where to find any gazzetted offcier.. he said he comes only till 5 o clk.. so finally.. i went empty handed!

Damn! for mere 40 rupees and molded books... i wud rather haunt raddi shops Like i used to !

And thus i dropped my idea of enrolling into a library

Is it any wonder not many read anymore??

Isnt it time that ppl /gov library leave 19th century?
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