meena iyer
I have been recently been at receiving end of various compliments... that i feel somehow insincere!

I am not as helpful as i seem.. Recently one of my orkut/phone friend asked me for help... Something I could have helped... but doing that involved soo much trust that.. in my impulsive gesture i said yes.. When i took time to think.. i realized i am walking on a mine field.. my help can cause me a lot of trouble wid my sis.. Its so hard in our life to have relatively peaceful existence that.. i loath to shake that semblance of peace..

So well i decided not to help.. however, knowing that persons piraablem.. i just cudnt face him and say no.. i know i ahve been ignoring him.. coz i am a coward! I always been one! I am not that a good person...So end of the story is i must b hurting that person a lot.. n increasing.. his already overloaded load of burdens.....

In LPP there ws a topic which said.. u know the answer toa particular problem is not thinking.. and yet u keep thinking abt it.... And thats true... and yet u keep thinking....

I wish i never second guess my decisions! I hate that.. most of my decisions are tinged with this faint regret always

Le sigh!

On the brighter side, I wanna that arty for his thoughts!

Yesterday met my old collegue on YM. he is married and all.. very happily so.. While we were chatting , I told him abt my brk up.. he didnt pry. all he said that.. its his loss.. u r such a nice person.. Felt soooo good!

I wish my intimate college friends were so discerning [;)] or so supportive :P

And neeru my chummy sister is always there to pep talk me! We actually are having fun with each other.. though content of our talks r soo outrageous :P ;)

I wish ppl wud see me for wht i am.. moles and all..

Oh i wish i cud accept what i am as i am.. instead of trying to be someone perfect....

Like they say.. perfection is artificial.. imperfection is art!
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    u seem to be a very active blogger
    have to come here more often :)

    ~i have nothing to comment on this~
    will be looking forward for ur next post