meena iyer
Someone once said that I am not happy i am just high!

I guess that someone was right! I am not destined to be happy.. only to have a glimpse only to feel the high.. high enough and then come crashing down! My life and me never can b happy.. coz i am an incompetent asshole! the fucktard !!

I am just sick of living really! I am such an pain in the ass for everyone who are near me! No one is ever proud of me .. no one will ever will be.. instead of being a thorn on everyones ass may be i shud just die n be done with it!


Ah such explosion and then i pettered out.. meaning i just came back to normal.. this out pouring was after a fight wid my sis.. keeping my promise i havent deleted it.. nothing tht i have written will ever b deleted or edited.. this was my promise to myself which I plan to keep!!!

So here i am well i dont feel as much despondent any more...

Well suddenly i have nuffin to write.. no ppl dont bother to ask whats wrong.. its just disgruntled angry outpouring... i am just the same.. normal me

2 Responses
  1. ishaan Says:

    lissen u idiot !!!y do u think ur nt happy?? jst coz sm shithead said so!! wat is happiness ?? love? money? fame? wat is it???
    that is not happiness nthn is really!! happiness is only lil things that bring joy in our lives seeing ur dog hump ur hand or helpin a poor guy up wen he falls down n seeing him smile....we can never be constantly happy or sad...coz if that were the case life wudve been really boriing!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    >:D< :*

    wats happiness, meena? u know the mistake "intellectuals" like u n me commit? we go n poke n prod the poor thing called "happiness", thats wat u n i do. we wanna wat it is. we wanna know y it exists. we wanna know how long it ll exist. n by the time we get around to enjoyin its presence, it wouldve gone. :D
    listen, sweetheart. i love u. all ur frnds love u. n im proud of u like no one else on this planet is. u write such beautiful poems. n u r a moral support to me like no one else is.
    love u di.
    jus be happy. dont question it. jus be happy. u deserve it!