meena iyer
Okay guys.. i am back to ranting yay!! Back to normality!!

Uff i dun seem to start... well so i will let u guys know the crux.. in few words

I got an uncle older bro of my mom.. good for nothing guy : : :

So he asked for 500 bucks from my sis.. and he is not allowed home by dad.. so i had to go and give it to him....

He was waiting on the circle... i mistakenly gave him an extra 100 bucks that i had brought.. just to buy some vigetabe on the road... i was supp to give him 500 ka note..
So well i gavehim 500 ka note... he never returned 100 ka note :

i get it u need money.. but then what abt common decency?

well tht was still nt that bad... but he went ahead and asked me if i had 20 more bucks on me!

Fuck he thinks we r loaded.. so r we supposed to give it to them in charity?

He is my moms elder bro.. eldest in family. when family was in need he never chipped.. my mom took care of her family.. and he has no shame in asking money from us..

No wonder my dad haates relatives.. if some at my dads side is insensitive brutes.. some at my mom's side are assholes!!!

5 Responses
  1. The Shmoo Says:

    borrowing relatives suck X-( !!!!
    especially when they act like its their RIGHT to borrow.. and its your right to give.. grr!

  2. amendment.. like its ur duty to give [:x]

  3. ->V<- Says:

    ..covers Meena's & Mani's mouth..and other's ears :D

    altho' I agree :|

  4. ishaan Says:

    i commented on the wrong post!! mr #$% waala comm belongs here!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    happens, happens :) life's like that! :D