meena iyer

No my hair is not looking bad... It is not feeling bad too.. It feels like heaven! So soft.. like a feather and soo smooth!!

Yes i have straightened my hair.. and it looks wonderful.. see for urself!!

Doesnt it look absolutely stunning? Oh i love the way it feels.. ticklish.. Been planning since July and have finally gone an dunnit! yay!!! in november.. yeah yeah i am very good at procrastination!!

Well the 5 hrs that i invested in there is certainly worth it!

Tomorrow i am going for a wedding.. shopping for that was fun! Absolute delight!

Having said that.. there r two things that bothered me.. yeah coming to the topic now

1) Sitting in front of mirror n staring at urself for 5 hrs is tiresome.. If only i was beautiful : :

I cudnt stand my reflection LOL!

But i still feel i shud b subjeted to it regularly.. coz i confess. i rilly wanted to lose weight.. when i was there :P :P

2) I feel girls r naturally mashochistic : :

Oh yeah! y else we wud undergo the painful regime of Eye brow/upern lower lips/forehead threading??
And if that is not enought.. waxing.. which means applying sugar solution and plucking out hairs outta ur hand legs and armpits : :

If that is not enuf.. certain other things that we manage to do.. Like wear heels! Everyone wid sane minds know how uncomfortable that is... Tuck ur stomach in so that it looks good.. squeeze into dresses u know not how to squeeze out etc

Since most of us does this regularly.. i guess most of us like pain! Hell models r the worst! they do body wax! Which includes plucking hairs outta ur breasts!

Horrendous isnt it? My sis says honey few hours of pain is worth looking good! Hell after my stint wid the salon.. now i agree..but back in the salon.. i was cursing the daylights out!

So its a bad day.. wid wonderful hair!!

I am waiting for complimets yay!
5 Responses
  1. Neeru Says:

    i jus LOVE ur hair!!! :)ur head looks like one of those heads in a shampoo ad! :D

  2. The Mystic Says:

    oh kewl!! yeh ghane nikhre baalon ka raaz kya hai???
    u luk gud di!!!
    n btw as they say no pain no gain!!! n models go thru loads of pains be it waxing or worse barzillian!!!lolzzz well its nt dere fault they wana luk gud n feel gud n earn money!!! waisey i cant even imagine waxing erhhh i hav so much hair!! lolzz i saw dat pic 30 yr old virgin !!! n i was like man m nver gttng waxed!!!

  3. ->V<- Says:

    woooo... *whistles* :P
    ..great mane, that :D
    LOL @ masochistic comment :D :D

  4. Pensativo Says:

    good to know that you are enjoying ;)

  5. The Shmoo Says:

    never dared to straighten my hair, way too chicken :( plus my hair's gone weak and can't even take a lil comb :'(

    hair straightening is ok, but a full body wax :O I wouldn't go in for one of those, even if my freaking life and twenty lives after this one, depended on it!