meena iyer
We all know what happened the last time.. My system crashed. I don't get to change my playlist on my mobile Whannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

If only that was the only grievance.

Lets see. After I got approval I checked for train tickets online. Nonoe was available ofcourse. Fir went to Krtdc or somefin to get reservation in Volvo. I went to Majestic(kempegowda bus station) only to find server is down and i can't book ticket there. Moreover, I can book ticket in BDA complex which is like too near to my place. Sweet isnt it?

Now going to majestic cost me 100 bucks all for nothing. Finally I came home and gave my dresses to tailor to get it stitched and it was time to rest and go to office. Le sigh

Now, ?I ahve some bank work to do that requires 'Revenue stamps'. We search many GPO's and then find out from some general stores that they are banned from Karnataka. He suggested we go to Hosur as it is in Tamil nadu to get them (Like 4 hrs travel from bangalore). Reason is unknown. Isnt it strange? No one in GPO cared to inform about it. they wanted us to search in general stores...

Finally we dropped that idea and decided to buy it from mumbai. So now, the tailor had decided to give the dresses back to me all stitched by Wednesday which I knew wudnt be done. But.. what i ddint expect was that it wouldnt be started not cut. Also, the guy has the termity to actually look blank!
And shameless unprofessional brute didnt have decency to say sorry! Finally he said he will give it today Thursday by 12:00. Knowing the nature of the beast i went at 2:00 pm (I had lied to him that my bus is today by 3:00 and not tomorrow when it actually is......) So, I reach there by 2:00 and I see that one of the cloth is just being stitched. Thank god for small mercies the other was already done. I wonder if i had told the truth what would have happened? Even tomorrow I would have got the dress by 2:30 pm. I wonder how would I ahve catched the bus??

Well, what I am trying to point is this guy's indifference to his clients deadline....
This is not just his case but general one. Once we had our Mixer's jar given for repair. He said he had to replace the part we will get it by the evening. As usual I went there the next day. It wasnt done. I went there every day for a week to get it done. By the time i was ready to take back the un-rectified Jar. Not that it is very cheap or we get some discout to wait late. Its their call. The jar got repaired for 60 bucks which would have been done for 30 in Mumbai (been there done that!). And the simple cloth would have been stitched at 150 each and I gave 220!

No wonder most companies in bangalore prefer ppl outside bangalore as their employees.

Back to the topic....
If this wasnt enough, My return ticket(booked online) hasnt reached me yet and We have a train block in mumbai, the very day I land there. Isnt it funny?

Exasperating is more like it. Like all the forces in the world are conspiring to not let me go to mumbai!

And I ahvent lost my hopes yet! I will still go inspite of everything!
2 Responses
  1. Pensativo Says:

    Oh my much struggle [:o]....

    but In the end it doesn't even matter :D.

    Go n have fun in Mumbai ;)

  2. r d Says:

    There are many those who don't care about costumers time :x I have experienced it many times too :(

    well... hope your MUMBAI stay wasn't that bad after all...