meena iyer
After really very lengthy posts these small ones seems a welcome change isnt it?

Today I didnt come online a lot. Even gtalk chats have reduced. I wonder if it is direct result of some kind of disillusionment? For some reason flirting aint as appealing as it was. nah dun mark me wrong. I will still flirt.. but i no longer am satisfied by online relation.. I want that personal touch of meeting everyday.

Those pleasant ways of holding hands.. laughing etc etc... yeah getting sentimental again!

Well one of my friends wid whom i had chat wid expressed how special she felt holding hands... made me remember too.. nah this isnt gf-bf thingy.. well even when your best friend holds your hand how comforting it feels?

childishly swinging hands while walking? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Yeah nostalgia... What I wouldnt give to be back at hostel.

I know its easy to look back wards and say how golden it was .. I still wish what the heck!
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  1. Neeru Says:

    will u believe if i tell u ive been feelin the same thing too? i mean, frnds online is okay, but love online seems to make no sense. i want the touch, the feelin. i want my senses to FEEL that hes real n not jus virtual. we R telepathically related, sweetie! :)