meena iyer
Yeah yeah writing on it again. But few new thoughts. Sometimes, I really wonder why some one comes into your life. Especially for only brief period. Like someone whom you meet in the train, share your life and then move on. At the most, you remember them once in a blue moon and smile may be. Or wish they are doing as well as you are.

Some ppl touch your heart in that small time. Like once when I was travelling alone, this family was soo good to me. Random friendly gestures. They touch heart more than the most. Does absense make heart fonder?
I wonder why!

Some ppl stay for long. Some for little while. everyone leaves a indeliable mark in your memory in your heart. My childhood friend Jagruti, she is married now. Now even if we ever meet which is most unlikely, we wouldn't gel as much. We are too different but then she was my closest friend. What changed so much?

Deep inside are you so different? Not likely. I guess this false veneer of education. I call it false coz true education will teach us humility. It would teach us to actually see through these cowwebs. But we end up creating more. Who is to blame?

Now there is one more question why to blame? Why is it soo neccessary that someone take blame someone be a scapegoat? Why cant w let it be unresolved and move on?
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