meena iyer
I read a novel by Kiran desai . To be truthful I had huge hopes from this book. It sadly disappointed me. I felt it had the same listlessness that I generally feel in Indian authors. Incharitable I know... but the very few I have read makes me think of this.. Like yashovarman by Sanjay soni.

We wont talk abt that. Only about this one.

The story is based on post colonial days. this is a story of a girl Sai. She is a daughter of a airforce pilot who dies in russia. Involved in indo-russian space shuttle operation. The story is about how this gal and her friends react to the growing tensions between gorkhas and the bengalis in the northeastern town.
Misty and beautiful this town is a bit melancoly.

At an early age Sai is sent to a very repressive convent school which she hates. On her parents death in an accident, Sai is funded by her grandpa for studies. However, due to reducing income, he decides to call her back and engages a tutor for her home.

In the Grampa's household, thre is a cook whose son is in US of A trying to be rich and seeing his dreams being shattered.

The story is set as i said during the onset of gorkha revolt. At that time, Sai was in love with her only mathematic tutor, a gorkha accounts student. As the story moves forward, the love of these ppl changes to soemthing else. The apparent confusion and occasional insight of these two teenagers are wonderful to read.
The only foriegner living there is extradicted. There are other changes like her only friends, the old ladies who tutored her are besotted by squatters who takes over their home and their life in many respects.

The story starts with a robbery of arms from the grampa's house and it ends with a innocent guy nabbed by the police and tortured. The guy's relations (wife n father) retaliates by robbing the only love of grampa's lyf, his pet dog.

Also, hearing about the issues in his native land, the cooks son returnns home. On the way he is robbed. Not only he loses money but his clothes and other luggages. He returns in a worst condition than he was earlier.

I guess this is where the name, Inheritance of Loss is inherited.
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